Meta Cohen is a queer composer, dramaturg and sound designer working across music, theatre and interdisciplinary art. Meta’s research specialisms are sonic dramaturgy, musical thinking in theatre-making and queer performance. Meta is passionate about queer, interdisciplinary and sound-driven work, and is currently undertaking a PhD at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne.

Meta has been working with Feral Queer Camp since 2019. 


Embracing Feral Pedagogies: Queer Feminist Education through Queer Performance (2022)

Alyson Campbell, Meta Cohen, Stephen Farrier and Hannah McCann
Chapter in Gender in an Era of Post-truth Populism (edited by Penny Jane Burke, Julia Coffey, Rosalind Gill and Akane Kanai)

This chapter explores how a series of strategies we are calling ‘feral pedagogies’ can be deployed as a methodology and means of de-domesticating feminist queer knowledges and rewilding the nexus of academic and queer community practice. Here we enlist the definition of feral as ‘the domesticated gone wild’ to conjure up a way to resist the institutionalization of both queer academics and queer knowledge in the academy and attempt – albeit messily – to take queer ideas back into the streets (Campbell 2018, 2019) . 

The Feral Queer Camp is supported by the Creativity and Wellbeing Research Initiative and The Victorian College of the Arts - The University of Melbourne; and Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.